Office Hours: 9am to 4pm



Alert! The Parish Council has now returned to face to face meetings. Because of Covid restrictions, members of the public attending will be restricted to ten.

To attend meetings please contact the Parish Clerk

Details of all the meetings held by West Dean Parish Council can be found in this section.

In addition to monthly meetings of full Council, a number of committees exist to cover specific areas of the Council's work in more detail. The committees are generally made up of council members but may also include other parties where relevant. Council committees have an advisory role only; they provide recommendations to Council but can not pass motions themselves.

The public is welcome to attend all committee and full meetings of the Council, but on rare occasions the public may be excluded from the meeting when matters of commercial sensitivity or relating to staffing issues are to be considered. Minute records of confidential items discussed when the public has been excluded will not be published.

Please note that any Parish Council meeting may be audio or video-recorded.

All Council meeting minutes and agendas are publicly available. We aim to keep documents for at least 12 months available on this website. You can also view any of our documents by appointment at the Parish Office. If you wish to do this, please contact the parish clerk

It should be noted that minutes posted on this website are in draft format until approved at the next full Council Meeting.